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In this age of the most spectacular trends in the art and science of movie making, successful players in the field as Bluebells Animation Studio possess the right kind of tools, skills, knowledge and update technology to place themselves ahead of their peers. Contemporary film making has taken animation to a new level and at Bluebells we love to experiment, innovate and take challenges to a new horizon as one of the best who reckon great honours. Bluebells Animation Studio is a personification of some of the finest talent available in contemporary animation film production, where the core concept is dynamism, creativity and relentless endeavour to progress towards the highest degree of professionalism. Networking with the best professionals across the globe, be it 2D, 3D, VFX, E-Learning, Gaming or the most update software technology in the stream, whatever concepts we work on result in pure finesse, simply world class. So if you are looking for the very best in the sector, whatever your requirement be in animation, be sure to summon us at Bluebells.


Bluebells Animation Studio is promoted by creative media and movie making specialists who have put in commendable experience in the field having worked with globally renowned studios from Europe, the US and Asia. With extensive experience in the domain and exposure to several projects of international acclaim, the promoters of Bluebells had played crucial roles in their production.


Bluebells Animation consistently works towards achieving professional excellence through the employment of optimum resources such as update technology, global class infrastructure, competent human resources and strategic management.


We envision being among the country’s premium creative media corporates within the next five years, through adoption of globally acknowledged best industry practices, expert human capital, fiscal discipline, and a well charted strategic business plan.

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